Move-out Cleaning Services

Whether your facility is a luxury apartment building complex, a high-rise apartment building, or any other type of apartment complex Krakengard has the industry and experience to take care of your every need.

What is referred to as move-out cleanings?

It’s that time of year again, time to pack up and move. As a tenant’s lease comes to an end, the lease managers must take care of that pesky scrub down of the apartment, or risk lowering your overall occupancy. But who has the time? There is already so much to do.
Never fear, Krakengard can help. So instead of using your in-house maintenance resources scrubbing your place ‘til the wee hours of the morning, why not schedule an experienced cleaning provider for your move-out cleaning services? We can do it all –– from scrubbing the floors, appliances, and sinks, to detailing the restrooms to patching nail holes –– all in the name of getting your overall occupancy to where it should be 100%.
Sit back and let the experienced move-out cleaners make your place shine like it hasn’t since it was built.

Cleaning Services Crafted for Your Property

At Krakengard, we understand the unique and changing environment you face to keep your Apartment buildings in pristine condition. Choosing a commercial cleaning and housekeeping provider that has the knowledge and intellect in the hospitality industry is important to uphold the highest standards to keep your overall occupancy high and keep your staff members healthy and safe.

Common Cleaning Services

Public Areas
Back of House
Overnight Cleaning Services
Disinfection Programs

Compliment any Krakengard services with our innovative disinfection program.

Full-Service Program

Designed to fill all the cleaning services positions for the entire property.

Construction Clean Program

Designed to provide detail-cleaning personnel after all construction or renovations have been completed.